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Altai Oncology - Oncology Software - Chemotherapy Software

Altai Oncology Suite (ALTAI)

A CE marked chemotherapy management software which doubles as an easy-to-use electronic health record system incorporating scheduling, billing, drug inventory, and various other modules. ALTAI is designed for Oncologists and incorporates innovative patient safety features, flexible algorithms to fit your practice environment, and a cancer registry module

Altai Infusion Mobile App (ALTIM)

Companion to Altai Oncology Suite, ALTIM is an easy-to-use mobile app that runs on iOS and Android devices. Designed as a native mobile app, not a web application, ALTIM is intuitive and fast. Facilitates management of drug infusions and allows access to patient records anywhere in the world

Altai Chemo Planner

Altai Chemo Planner (AC Planner) is designed for Hematologists, Oncologists, and pharmacists to PLAN and PRINT chemotherapy orders. Chemo Planner includes the core functionalities of Altai Oncology Suite to provide the best value in the market. It is easy-to-use, fast, and accurate.

Hematology - Oncology Specific

All our software products are designed to be easy to use and learn. Intuitive user interfaces designed by Oncologists to save you time. Robust processes to enhance patient safety. Innovative modules to advance research

Our Solutions

Automate your workplace, from planning chemotherapy orders to staff management.


ALTAI Oncology Suite

Our comprehensive solution for cancer centers to streamline Oncology workflow

ALTAI Infusion Mobile

Our mobile solution to work with Altai Oncology Suite

Altai Chemo Planner

Quickly generate accurate chemotherapy orders with ease

ALTAI Protocol Library

Our extensive and regularly updated protocol library with over 1000 protocols

Improve Patient Care

Patient safety is our top priority. We designed various industry-first features to enhance safety and promote evidence-based practice
Automatically calculates and verifies drug doses and infusion rates. Rigorously tested and CE marked
>1000 built-in protocols. Regularly updated. Add your own protocols with Protocol Editor
Doses verified twice. Drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions checked. Patient-drug matching with QR coded labels
Eliminate medication errors through patient and drug label matching

Save Time

We know your time is valuable. ALTAI and ALTIM are designed to save time for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists
View the active chemotherapy order, patient diagnosis/stage, most recent lab results, and chemotherapy flowsheet in one screen
Write your notes using incorporated and customizable templates and patient events. Automated nursing notes quicken documentation
Step up infusion center workflow by Qr-coded drug labels and patient bracelets. Access patient records from your mobile device

Advance Research

A passion for clinical research was what started ALTAI. We aim to increase clinical trial recruitment and research administration
Build your center’s own pathways to direct treatment and encourage clinical trial recruitment
Build cancer registries and collect data prospectively
Build your own forms for clinical trials or quality improvement projects

Why Choose Us?

ALTAI and ALTIM’s user interfaces were designed by Dr. Ulas D. Bayraktar and his colleagues to improve patient care, save time, and advance research

As per European Union directives, ALTAI is designated a class IIb standalone software medical device based on its chemotherapy dose calculation functionality. ALTAI is granted CE marking after meticulous testing validating its safety and reliability

ALTAI was ranked #6 among 20 Oncology and Hematology Ambulatory Electronic Health Records Solutions in Black Book 2019 Survey

ALTAI and ALTIM are designed to be adaptable to almost any Oncology practice anywhere in the world. Regardless of your country, practice size, medical and technological environment; we have a solution that can be tailored to your needs. Our pricing is as versatile as our products, too

Established by an Oncologist, we value your patients’ well-being as much as you do and understand that our support is crucial to patient care. Our company established various customer support and quality management processes that are ISO 13485 certified. Meaning, you can rest assured that we will be there when you need us
Altai Oncology Suite (ALTAI)