Altai Chemo Planner

Quickly Prepare Accurate Chemotherapy Orders

Altai Planner (AC Planner) is designed for Hematologists, Oncologists, and pharmacists to PLAN and PRINT chemotherapy orders.
Chemo Planner includes the core functionalities of Altai Oncology Suite to provide the best value in the market. It is easy-to-use, fast, and accurate.

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Founder's Letter

Dear colleague,

When I started practicing Oncology more than ten years ago, I realized that writing chemotherapy orders on paper was cumbersome and error prone. With rapidly expanding cancer treatment repertoire, creating separate templates for each required a lot of time, too. Moreover, available software did not fulfill Oncologists’ and Hematologists’ needs. In 2011, to save time and better serve my patients, I created an electronic database where I could prepare and print chemotherapy orders. This database then led to Altai Oncology Suite, a CE-marked comprehensive Oncology solution, and ALTIM Infusion Mobile App.

While our products brought a lot of features; most Oncologists, Hematologists, and pharmacists around the world required something simpler. Something similar to what I initially created in 2011: A tool to quickly prepare accurate chemotherapy orders with an extensive and promptly updated protocol library.

Altai Chemo Planner is just that. With a few clicks you can create patient records, stage cancer, plan and print chemotherapy orders. It saves patient’s demographics so that you don’t have to enter it each time. You can also print prescriptions, IV drug labels, and patient consent forms. Most importantly, all protocols in our library are categorized according to their indicated diagnoses, include their respective references, and are regularly and promptly updated.

I am convinced that our products are the easiest to learn and use among available Oncology software in the world. Now, competitively pricing Altai Chemo Planner, we aim to be the foremost Oncology software provider globally. If you have any questions, please email me at I hope you enjoy using Altai as much as we do.


Ulas Darda Bayraktar, MD, MBA

Founder and President, Altai, LLC



Altai was easy to learn and greatly improved coordination between me and our nurses

Easy to learn and use. Order printouts helped us a lot in our busy clinic


Easy Peasy

AC Planner makes ordering chemotherapies a breeze

Full Features List

  •   Versatile computerized chemotherapy order entry
  •   Prevent Chemotherapy Errors
  •   Two-click pre-med modifications
  •   Protocol library with > 1,000 protocols including those in major guidelines
  •   All protocols with their respective indications and references
  •   Regular protocol updates
  •   Multi-staging for single diagnosis
  •   Treatment flowsheet
  •   Keeps record of patient cancer-related events
  •   Chemotherapy order and paper prescription printing
  •   Drug label printing for IV bags
  •   Customizable patient education and consent printing
  •   Protocol Editor to create personal protocols (optional)
  •   Patient note editor (optional)



$19.99 / month


Pay $59.97 quarterly

  • Prepare and print chemotherapy orders
  • Comprehensive and regularly updated
    protocol library
  • Cancer staging module
  • Support by email
$39.99 / month


Pay $119.97 quarterly

  • Prepare and print chemotherapy orders
  • Comprehensive and regularly updated
    protocol library
  • Cancer staging module
  • Create your own protocols
  • Write and save patient notes
  • 24/7 support by email and phone
* All currencies are in US dollars
* An additional discount of 50% will be applied for colleagues residing in countries with a GDP per capita less than US$5000


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