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Mobile Oncology Software - Altai Oncology

Altai Infusion Mobile App (ALTIM)

Altai Infusion Mobile App is a petite version of ALTAI. Primarily designed to improve efficiency in the infusion center, ALTIM is a native mobile app that runs directly on iOS and Android devices independent of web browsers. Hence, ALTIM is faster and feels more natural than web-based solutions available.

While developing ALTIM, we listened to the infusion center nurses around the world. They asked for a simple app to quickly access the infusional drug details and start their infusions without walking to their desks each and every time. We listened to the administrators and incorporated a drug to patient matching system to prevent “wrong patient” medication errors. We listened to the practitioners and included a patient chart viewer in ALTIM where patients’ demographics, phone numbers, diagnoses, treatment history are displayed along with the latest patient note. Now, you can call your patient directly from ALTIM using your cell phone. All this in a simple, easy-to-use software package available to download from App Store and Play


Simple but extremely useful, ALTAI features functionalities designed to increase efficiency in the infusion center and beyond

ALTIM is designed as a native iOS and Android app which makes it simpler to install and gives it a more natural feel compared to web applications that run on web browsers. Download ALTIM from App Store or Play Store. Configures itself automatically

Time is of the essence in an infusion center. Utilizing a computerized system in an infusion center improves quality and enhances patient safety, but sometimes at the expense of efficiency. ALTIM is designed to save nurses time in the infusion center. Just scan the QR coded label on the IV bag, select what action you want to take (release, start, hold, complete), and scan the patient’s bracelet to verify that it is a match

ALTIM is also a mini-chart viewer where you can search for a patient by text or scan their QR coded patient bracelet. Review their demographics, phone number, diagnoses, allergies, medications, treatment history, and your last patient note

To further enhance patient safety, ALTAI and ALTIM use a drug to patient matching system to prevent “wrong patient” medication errors. Scanning QR codes of both drug labels and patient bracelets ensures that a drug is given to the right patient

With increased use of computerized systems in health care, data security becomes a big concern. Authentication of users is of utmost importance but is not easy to achieve on a mobile device. We developed an elegant solution achieving a NIST Level 3 authentication without compromising efficiency

Altai Oncology Suite (ALTAI)

Drug To Patient Matching

We developed a drug to patient matching system to prevent “wrong patient” medication errors that can be fatal in a cancer center. First, ALTAI prints QR coded labels for drugs and QR coded bracelets for patients. Before starting a drug administration, ALTIM requests for drug to patient matching. Nurse scans the QR codes using the mobile device’s camera. ALTIM alerts the nurse if the drug does not match to the patient

A Secure, Native IOS And Android App

ALTIM is a native mobile app that runs on both iOS and Android. It is not a web application, thus does not require you to go through your web browser. Our state-of-the-art authentication methodology keeps your patients’ data secure while allowing quick access to your patients

Functional And Easy To Use

ALTIM is "the tool" that will greatly increase efficiency in any infusion center. Check drug administration details by scanning drug labels printed from ALTAI. Release/start/hold/complete infusions without going to your desk. Check patient metrics, diagnosis, treatment history, notes. Mobile but secure. Simple but functional

Altai Protocol Library

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