Altai Oncology Suite (ALTAI)

Altai Oncology Suite (ALTAI) is a versatile chemotherapy and practice management software that can be integrated into hospital information systems or used as a standalone software satisfying diverse demands of cancer centers. A Windows application, ALTAI allows access to patient records anywhere in the world

A CE-marked -as required for use in European Union countries- medical software, ALTAI is ranked #6 among twenty Hematology-Oncology ambulatory software systems in the Black Book 2019 Survey and has many features that will help you focus on your patients, not irrelevant nuisance. To learn more about ALTAI, email us at

Main Features

Below is a shortlist of ALTAI's features. We do understand that what matters to you the most is not the list of features but how intuitive it is to use them. We trust that you will love having ALTAI at your fingertips

ALTAI calculates drug doses and infusion rates automatically according to protocol specifications and patient metrics. You can make changes to any treatment at drug administration, treatment day, chemotherapy cycle, and protocol levels

Our foremost priority has always been patient safety. It is fitting then that ALTAI achieved CE marking after rigorous testing, validating its patient safety features including but not limited to: drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks, dual dose verifications, and laboratory results based drug dose recommendations. ALTAI also features a drug to patient matching system, essentially eliminating “wrong-patient” medication errors

Database can be deployed locally at your premises or in one of our secure cloud servers. You can write your patient notes easily with built-in and customizable note templates incorporating cancer-related events automatically. Comprehensive staging module, patient lab/radiology results and order entry modules are also integrated. Patients’ paper documents can be scanned into and retrieved from ALTAI easily. You can take and save patient photos, too

Incorporated comprehensive scheduling module is designed specifically for infusion centers, allowing simultaneous scheduling for multiple chairs. Drug inventory module supports multiple stocks, multiple brands, reporting on drug use and shortages. Billing engine is versatile and programmable according to various billing schemes in different countries

A passion for clinical research was what sparked ALTAI. With the revolutionary OncoRegistry module, build your own clinical pathways to encourage clinical trial recruitment. Chart patient toxicities. Create your own cancer database to collect prospective data. Possibilities are endless

Altai Oncology Suite (ALTAI)

Sophisticated But Easy-To-Use

Comprehensive but easy-to-learn, ALTAI is an Oncologist-designed chemotherapy management software that automatically calculates medication doses, streamlines workflow in infusion center, and ensures patient safety through its order validation engine and patient-drug matching system. ALTAI is rigorously tested and achieved CE marking proving its safety and reliability.

Ordering Chemotherapy Is Quick And Safe

Order chemotherapy in a few seconds. Choose one of more than 400 protocols in our library that is updated regularly. ALTAI then automatically calculates drug doses according to patient metrics and protocol-specified dosing. Cannot find your protocol in our library? Create your own chemotherapy protocols in a few minutes using the Protocol Editor. Order Validation Engine double-checks doses according to pre-defined and customizable rules including drug-drug interactions and allergies

Endless Versatility

Integrate ALTAI to your existing electronic health record (EHR) system or use it as your primary EHR software in your cancer center. Available modules allow you to write patient notes, scan documents, keep a drug inventory, schedule appointments, manage bills, and more. ALTAI runs on Windows and allows you to access your patients anywhere in the world. Its flexible architecture can be customized according to your infusion center workflow


Optimal implementation of ALTAI is a must to reap its benefits and for a rewarding relationship with our customers. With a global background, we are highly experienced in workflow management and system integration

Localization and customization are crucial for a company aspiring to be a global player. ALTAI is currently available in thirty different languages. Its flexible architecture allows almost anything to be customized according to your needs: Warnings, settings, user roles, templates, forms, protocols, and much more

Using either HL7-based communication channels or custom-made APIs, we can integrate ALTAI to almost any software including but not limited to: Electronic health record systems, practice management software, laboratory/radiology information systems, and drug dispensing units

Established by an Oncologist, we know how important it is to provide support and we speak your language. Having a ISO1348 5 certified quality management system does help, too. We are the designers, coders, and also users of ALTAI; hence you can trust in our abilities to help you when you need it

Pricing Models for Altai Oncology Suite

Choose the best option for your practice
License to Use /initial licensing + yearly support fee

  • Pricing based on number of users
  • Initial licensing, integration, and training fees
  • Yearly support fee
  • All ALTAI modules included
  • Database at your premises
  • Comprehensive implementation services
  • 24/7 software support
  • Ideal for hospitals and cancer centers

Subscription Plan /fixed quarterly subscription fee

  • Pricing based on number of users
  • Low-cost online training available
  • Monthly fixed subscription fee
  • Tailor ALTAI modules to your budget
  • Database in our secure cloud servers
  • Limited implementation services
  • Support during work hours
  • Ideal for Oncology clinics and practices

Partnership Route /variable quarterly revenue sharing fee

  • Pricing based on practice workload
  • Low-cost online training available
  • Varying monthly revenue-sharing fee
  • Risk-free. No fees, if no patients treated
  • Database in our secure cloud servers
  • Limited implementation services
  • Support during work hours
  • Ideal for infusion centers and new practices

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    Altai Oncology Suite (ALTAI)