Easy Treatment Planning

EASY, FAST, ACCURATE! Just follow these steps to prepare your first treatment order:

  1. Enter the patient into the system
  2. Enter the patient’s diagnosis – and stage them if you desire
  3. Select a treatment protocol from our vast library and number of cycles to be prescribed
  4. ALTAI Chemo Planner will calculate doses and create chemotherapy orders automatically
  5. Make any required changes (dose, medication, fluid)
  6. Print the chemotherapy order with accompanying prescription(s) for oral medications

AC Planner will save the patient data, so for the next cycle, you can just search for the patient’s name and print the orders after making any necessary changes

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Altai Chemo Planner

Quickly Prepare Accurate Chemotherapy Orders

Altai Chemo Planner employs Altai Protocol Library which includes over 1000 chemotherapy protocols for both Hematology and Oncology. You can find major guidelines' protocols, parenteral and oral, in the library. Frequently updated

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